Avoid Breakdowns and Downtime with Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance (PPM) enables businesses to keep their equipment and assets in prime condition with scheduled maintenance.

By reducing reactive maintenance, you can cut costs and achieve greater operational efficiencies. At the same time, your assets are maintained so they’re in the best possible condition at all times.

How planned preventative maintenance works

Planned preventative maintenance can be time-based and carried out at regular intervals. Alternatively, you could opt for it to be condition monitored.

An example of time-based maintenance is a monthly check or yearly service; the frequency will depend on the type of equipment. For instance, the maintenance of an air-conditioning system could be planned to fit in with when filters need changing.

You can schedule a fixed list of checks and monitoring for equipment and other building assets to take into consideration warranties and compliance regulations.

Condition monitored preventative maintenance aims to predict when a piece of equipment may fail and stop this by performing servicing in time. Condition monitored maintenance is mainly used on assets where it’s possible to tell their current condition and allow for just-in-time fixes that reduce overall maintenance costs.

The benefits of planned preventative maintenance

Unplanned maintenance can be costly and disruptive. PPM has the advantage of being timed to cause minimum interruption to business activities.

Reactive maintenance can be expensive as it may incur business downtime, the cost of parts, and call-out charges for the labour required. In fact, it’s estimated unplanned maintenance can cost around three to five times more than planned maintenance.

With PPM, your equipment can be repaired or serviced outside of normal business hours. Any shutdown of equipment is clearly communicated in advance, allowing workers to schedule their tasks.

Another considerable benefit of PPM is that if you care for your equipment and assets on a regular basis, they won’t break down as frequently.

Schedule your planned preventative maintenance

At Phoenix, we provide services in the form of pro-active PPM to ensure your premises are well-maintained all the year round. We also carry out reactive repair works as the need arises.

Our maintenance professionals act as your building maintenance and repair contractors. By relying on our team, you have the reassurance that all your maintenance and repair services will adhere to industry guidelines.

We’re on call whenever you need us, and we can tailor a service agreement to suit your specific operational needs. The range of building maintenance and repair services we supply to the commercial sector includes the following:

  • Plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Electrical testing and maintenance
  • External and internal painting and decorating
  • Locksmith services
  • Glass replacement
  • Pest control
  • Carpet and soft furnishings maintenance
  • External lighting maintenance
  • Drainage maintenance and cleaning

We can also supply a handyman to take care of all those small jobs that arise.

Contact Phoenix to find out more about PPM

Our maintenance and repair services team is made up of qualified, specialist tradesmen including electricians, plumbers, plasterers, bricklayers and handymen.

All of our staff are chosen for their extensive experience and are accredited by relevant bodies including Gas Safe, NICEIC and the Federation of Master Builders.

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"When I joined my new company, they had 2 Jura coffee machines not working at all and a Billi Water Tap not working properly.  Staff had gotten used to boiling kettles and drinks with room temperature water. The Phoenix guys investigated the issues and I received a full break down of all the issues machine by machine along with the individual parts costs within 2 days. The new coffee machine is now working perfectly, has plumbed mains water and has a new milk fridge. The Billi tap was repaired but unfortunately still wasn’t working correctly, so, a new tap was ordered, delivered, installed and setup within 2 weeks, so we now have very happy staff. The fault finding, quotations and delivery of the service we received were second to none."


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