Electrostatic Disinfection


What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic disinfection is the process of disinfecting a contained space (such as an office or warehouse) by spraying electrically charged liquid disinfectant over the entire area using a handheld sprayer.

Electrostatic disinfection can be used to generally maintain hygiene standards as well as contain or prevent virus and bacteria outbreaks, such as sickness bugs or more serious viruses like Covid-19 (Coronavirus). As it’s a touchless system cross-contamination is almost entirely eliminated, unlike traditional spray and wipe cleaning methods. The advanced technology behind it also means the droplets are perfectly safe and will not cause any damage to treated areas such as desks, seating and IT equipment.

At Phoenix our products and technology have had over 100 + independent laboratory tests, having been approved by Boeing D6-7127 Rev P – incorporating PDD 6-8 (21 June 2012), British Aerospace Airbus AIMS09-00-002 (issue 3 July 2011) as well as having FDA and EPA approval, whilst being proven effective for the protection of surfaces for up to 30 days.

How it works: The battery operated, handheld sprayers are operated by a team of trained professionals which provide a positive electrostatic charge to the liquid disinfectant droplets as they are sprayed onto surfaces and items within the area, making the droplet electrically stronger than the surface or item being treated and, like magnets, they are drawn to each other.  As one surface is more positively charged than the other, the disinfectant droplets wrap themselves around the target on contact.

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  • Coverage

    Electrostatic application provides far wider coverage and a more thorough disinfection than traditional cleaning by hand. When we spray our electrostatically charged disinfectant it envelopes the target, making it far harder to miss any areas and allowing us to disinfect hard to reach areas with ease. Effectively treating a three-dimensional surface is generally impossible without leveraging a liquid adhesion technology like electrostatics. Total coverage is critical when disinfecting an area that has been subjected to a virus as missed areas can still harbour the virus, allowing it to continue spreading.

  • No Cross-Contamination

    With the application of our solution through the electrostatic sprayer, there is no need to touch/wipe the surfaces. This means equipment and possessions do not need to be touched during the disinfecting process and cross-contamination is reduced to almost nil. As surfaces will not be touched by cloths or human hands, there is no chance of bacteria or viruses being moved from one place to another. Our operatives carry out all cleans in full head to toe PPE for further peace of mind.

  • Correct Dwell Time

    For disinfectants to be effective they require a certain contact dwell time with the surface in order to kill bacteria and viruses. This time depends upon several factors and the product being used. Simply spraying and wiping a surface immediately will often not fully kill a virus or bacteria. Our system leaves the disinfectant on the surface until dry, providing the correct minimal dwell time to do the job.

  • Clean Finish

    The electrostatic positive charge inserted into the droplet in our system enables the droplet to adhere itself to the surface via the cationic charge. As the droplets hit the surface, they create an even spread because they hold their cationic charge for approximately 2-3 seconds. Unlike any other electrostatic application our system therefore creates no drips, as two positive charges repel each other.

  • Cost Effective

    Tests have shown that our system is more than 6x more efficient than traditional disinfecting by hand. Our system is therefore considerably more cost effective when tackling large scale disinfection.

Why Use Us?

The unique technology of our system makes it a superior solution to other electrostatic disinfecting solutions on the market. Applying the electrical charge to the inside of the droplet, instead of attaching it to the outside of the droplet like most other solutions, enables them to keep their charge for longer. This ensures that we get the full effect of the electrostatic technology, providing your environment with an even and full disinfection.

The science of electrostatics is only one element of better disinfection management. Our team of professionals are fully trained to operate our electrostatic sprayers and will identify the correct disinfection agents and method of application to provide the required cleaning in any given environment. Incorrect use of systems or chemicals can be dangerous to the individual applying them and the physical environment they’re treating, as well as making the whole disinfection process ineffective. Using a professional team will provide complete peace of mind.

  • Step 1

    We start with a full site walk through, to ensure any items that are not to be treated have been removed (such as artwork that could be damaged) and to prepare the area for treatment.
  • Step 2

    Areas of concern and high contact points are highlighted ahead of the working area being shut off from further access by employees or the public.
  • Step 3

    We disinfect your area twice to provide maximum coverage. After a first full clean of the building, we provide a secondary treatment specifically concentrating on high contact points. This ensures a thorough disinfection and no missed areas.
  • Step 4

    On completion of the works it’s advised that the area remains cordoned off for at least one hour. This time will depend on temperature, ventilation and depth of clean carried out and we will be able to advise you on the specific length of time required for your premises. After this you are free to carry on as usual without disruption.

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