Give Your Team a Vitality Boost This Winter

How much time do we all spend at work? Enough for it to have a big impact on our health.

For example, if you start to develop poor eating habits at work due to the quality of food on offer, it could lead to weight gain and energy loss. Therefore, it makes sense to give your team a health boost by offering them more choices over what they eat. After all, a healthy employee is more productive, efficient and energised.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can encourage your team to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Help your employees to eat and drink well

Although the occasional treat such as cakes or doughnuts in the office on someone’s birthday is welcome, it’s not something that staff want to eat on a daily basis. However, it can be difficult to find healthy alternatives. That’s why more employers are looking at ways to give their staff a better choice over what they eat.

A simple option is to provide a vending machine with healthy snacks and drinks such as NOCCO, a no carbs drink that comes in a range of flavours. Vending machines are popular as they’re easy to maintain. You can choose from large floor standing machines to cater for a whole office or a tabletop machine to sit in a meeting room.

Many companies have also introduced juicers and smoothie machines into the office to enable their staff to concoct healthy beverages.

Provide catering facilities

Many employees prefer to eat food brought from home, and they appreciate it when their company provides them with the facilities to prepare their own drinks and meals.

It can make a big difference to the health of your staff if you have a fridge in the workplace, so they can bring fresh food or packed lunches to the office.

And to make tea and coffee easy, you could install water taps and boilers that offer instant hot or boiling water. It then becomes a simple matter to pour a single mug of tea or fill cafetieres and coffee pots.

Introduce water coolers

Hydration is vital to wellbeing, and many employees have come to expect a water cooler or dispenser in the workplace.

If you haven’t installed one yet, you could always look to plumb one into your mains water supply and use an integral water filter. This way you can supply fresh, chilled water on tap without the need for plastic water bottles.

Would you like to give your staff a health boost this winter?

At Phoenix, we offer a variety of food and hot drink vending machines as well as a comprehensive range of products for coffee and snack machines. Your employees and visitors can enjoy delicious healthy snacks, cold bottles, cans and many other products.

We stock and deliver a vast array of products to our clients weekly including bottled drinks and tea and coffee. We also offer daily deliveries of fresh produce such as fruit, nuts, dairy and bread products.

If you want to improve the catering facilities you currently provide, we can help. Via our trade partnerships, we have a range of over 20,000 catering equipment items, from utensils, cloths, gloves, cookware, tableware, cutlery, crockery, glassware, menu boards and display boards to taps, sinks, waste disposal, clearing trolleys, shelving and wine racks.

In addition, we can supply cooking appliances such as ovens, kitchen and bar blenders, hot cupboards, chillers, ice makers and modular stainless-steel products.

You can purchase a large selection of items from our online catalogue.

Find out more, contact Phoenix on 01296 660810 or email:

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