Reduce Costs – Switch to LED Lighting

One of the simplest yet most effective ways for your business to become more energy efficient is to switch to LED lighting as you can save a considerable amount in lighting costs.

Let’s take a look at some LED lighting facts and figures.

The super efficiency of LED lighting

LED bulbs give exceptional performance. They offer an operational lifetime expectation of up to 11 years of continuous operation. You can leave an LED bulb on for eight hours a day, and it could still take 20 years before you had to replace it.

Because LEDs use less electricity than traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs, you gain an estimated energy efficiency of between 80% to 90%.

And switching just one halogen lamp with an LED bulb reduces 250kg of CO2 emissions (Kg/year) – the cumulative effect of this on our carbon footprint is huge. Plus, you have the added benefit that LED lights don’t contain any toxic materials and are 100% recyclable.

Does your business meet ESOS regulations?

Another reason to switch to LED lighting is to ensure your business meets new energy regulations. The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment and energy savings identification scheme for large organisations in the UK.

ESOS legislation requires organisations to complete and submit energy audit assessments every four years and to achieve ISO 50001 (International Energy Management Standard) certification as a form of compliance.

Audits are mandatory for large enterprises with 250 employees or more, or a turnover in excess of 50m Euros with a balance sheet of more than 43m Euro. Qualifying organisations that don’t complete an assessment are at risk of enforcement action including the possibility of civil penalties.

Benefits of LED lighting on your employees

The glare from fluorescent lights is a major cause of headaches and eyestrain for staff working in offices. However, by switching to LED lighting, this problem is significantly reduced.

While studies show natural sunlight provides the most optimal setting, LED lighting is the closest alternative to bringing natural light into the office environment. For instance, it has been shown to significantly increase energy amongst office workers.

In fact, according to studies by UK Energy Lighting, LED lighting can increase production in the workplace – with a reported 5% increase in reading speed and a decrease in spelling mistakes.

The study showed that LED lights increase productivity and happiness and can improve the health and morale of office employees.

The flexibility of LED lights

Another advantage of LED lights is their physical size. As they can be extremely small, they can adapt to any number of lighting applications.

They’ve been used to create modern mood lighting in commercial and office environments
as they can be used in isolation, joined in bunches or strung out in a linear sequence.

LEDs are also extremely safe as they’re solid state lights, which means you can dispense with the traditional glass bulb.

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